Wednesday, April 8, 2009

BBatMoS Reviews and News

hey gang,

just wanted to say how great you fans are and pass along some very kind reviews for the latest issue of the Magic of Shazam.

how cool are these??

. . .

now for some news. . .
soooooo, i'm a little bit slow in case you hadn't noticed.
and not just in the mental arena.
anyway, i heard that it was announced last weekend by DC that Art and Franco of Tiny Titans fame will be taking over the writing of Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam. these two guys are so great and talented. i think you will most definitely be in good hands. i don't know who DC is talking to about the series as far as artists, and even other writers, but i'm sure things will get announced as they get finalized. they feel it would be better that they put together teams to run with the book, and i think anything that puts out more Shazam is never a bad thing.
am i bummed? wellll, maybe a little bit.

though i may take a bit longer with my work, i hope you know that it is a definite labor of love. life is busy and i do the book completely by myself, but in the end i'm glad for the purity of vision that comes through. however, it probably is much better to put "teams" on it than just one person. that way it comes out waaaaay more often.

now, i will definitely be doing my next 2-issue story line with Dr. Sivana, and i will finish that up.
we'll see what happens next.
from day one of developing this for DC i have had so much fun creating a new world for one of my most favorite comic book characters to play in. Jann Jones took a chance and was a very kind person to champion me to do this. i know she's gone from DC now and onto great new green pastures, but she was one awesome editor while i had the opportunity to work with her.
also, i can't tell you fans enough how thankful i've been for your support and constant encouragement of my little series.
all the letters and comments and conventions visits have been amazing and humbling.
i'll always remember that part of all of this.
thank you so much.

okay, that's enough babbling for now.
back to the writing/drawing/coloring board.
take care and i wish you all the best in everything,

m . . .