Tuesday, March 31, 2009


oh everyone!
i would like to say that i pulled a verrrrry good April Fool's joke on you all . . . wouldn't that be great? but nooooooooooooo.
i'm so sorry.
soooooooo on page 1 of the new issue i wrote that the "S" in Shazam is the wisdom of "Samson."

whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat???? who broke into my studio and forced me to write the wrong name.

it's supposed to be the wisdom of "SOLOMON"!!!!!

oh i'm so sorry for my mistake. i'd like to blame black adam or dr. sivana or even that little worm mr. mind . . . but, unfortunately the mental potato-head that accomplished this brilliant bit of numbskullness was none other than myself. for in my delirious late night finishing of this page i totally spaced... being that i work 50 hours a week at disney studios, and that the page was done at about 3 in the morning while i was on a 10 day trip with my son to Washington Dc with his 8th grade history class...welll, let's just say i goofed big time.
wow, i hope every person buys one now. because you know that they'll be collectible becausssssse . . .
oh i will make ABSOLUTELY sure that this is changed when the collection comes out.
and anyone that comes up to me for a signing of issue #4...well, i will personally change it on their copy.
oog... what an embarrassment to discover that you are mortal. ;)

okay, i hope you all can laugh about it with me and know how very much i love our Captain Marvel and his heritage and there is no way anything is being changed in the magic of shazam's name. it's perfect just the way it is.
this is just simply my dumb mistake, and add to it that since we have had editor changes lately, it just slipped by everyone else along the process too.

anyway, no more and never again.
all the best and please enjoy the rest of this fun issue.
mike . . .