Sunday, July 6, 2008

Magic of Shazam #1 Reviews! :)

hey gang,

first off . . .

thank you.
thank you for finding this little book from DC and finding it enjoyable. it has meant a lot over the last few days to hear from so many people posting and emailing to me their enjoyment and genuine liking of this book.

second . . .
people have found this new Captain Marvel series and are sharing it with kids and i love it! i've taught kids of different ages, i have kids of my own(love 'em so much), and i've traveled and lectured with all ages of kids and grown-ups and you don't know how awesome it is to see a book being shared by both grown ups and kids alike.
at the end of the day, the goal of this book/series for me is to put something "good" out there for an all ages group of great fans. something with some good morals and a sense of just simple goodness and playful fun. nothing to overthink. just something to enjoy on a level of good heartedness.
so to all of you that have found it...let me say thank you again for enjoying it.
now, here are some other fun reviews to check out.
IGN review
Comic Book Resources Review
Comic Coverage Review

and along that line of thought, i would love to hear from happy parents and their kids about their enjoyment of the book. we want to promote the good word and what better way than to hear from the mouths of the fans.

take care everyone and all the very best,
mike . . .


Chris S said...

My son and I both REALLY enjoyed reading the first issue together. At this point I'm not sure how many times I've read it to him but he loves it just as much every time. Can't wait for the next issue!

mdtk said...

Hi chris s,

I have read it three times already and I love it. Mike you have done right by Captain Marvel fans. Well done.

Anonymous said...

I bought two copies of this book, figured I had to after spending the last few months hyping it at my local comic store.

I read it that night to my five year old daughter, and she loved it! the next day she insisted we play Mary Marvel and spent a good portion of the day asking other family members "What's up with clowns, why are they always smiling"

Since it as bed time the last two times we read issue one tomorrow we're hoping to spend a good part of the day decoding the secret code.

Thanks Mike for this book and so much more.

Esteban Pedreros said...

Just so you know...

A Friend and I also reviewed your book for our Blog, but in spanish :D

My Review.

Alberto's Review.

and my friend also read Herobear

I know, I know, this look like a shameless publicity stunt, and well, it actually is exactly that, but I thought you would like to read (or see) those reviews.

Doug said...

Hey Mike!
I was in the Baltimore area on vacation last week, visiting my 3-year-old nephew (and his parents).
I requested directions to a comic shop, and the lot of us (my 3 girls, my wife, her sister and my nephew) stopped by a shop and bought the last two issues of Shazam. I still haven't had a chance to read, as I think my middle daughter absorbed it. Truly. Osmosis in a seven-year-old. It's amazing.

At any rate, I asked my LCS to hold two more copies and intend to read one of them. The other is for my OTHER nephew.

mike . . . said...

Thanks so much for the feedback everyone! it is great to hear so many grown-ups sharing and enjoying this book with the kids in their life.
it brings a great big smile to me and my family's faces to hear other folks enjoying my lil' Shazam book.
take care and all the best,
mike . . .

J.E.Daniels said...

Great 1st issue Mike! I just picked it up today.
I'm an aspiring cartoonist and I always get a kick out of your work.
Can't wait for issue #2!

- James E. Daniels

Richard said...

My son got into Shazam a few years back when TV Land was showing the old 1970's live action series. Since then, I've bought him Fawcett reprints and bronze age comics from eBay because they seemed aimed at children. He's 7 years old now and I've avoided newer incarnations such as the Trials of Shazam series because it is clearly targeted towards adults. Thanks Mike for returning Captain Marvel back to something that is kid friendly. My son loves your comic and has read it 3 times already.

mdtk said...

Here is a very nice testimonial for issue 1.

mdtk said...

I'm sorry about that. Please try this one.

Fernando Sosa said...

I love you Herobear and the design of Billy Batson & Shazam,look great!My bes wishes for you Mike and this book.Greetings from Argentina.


mike . . . said...

hey everyone!

thanks j.e. glad you like the first issue!

richard! that is awesome that you and your son are enjoying the book together.

mdtk! very cool review. thank you!

hello fernando! thanks for stopping by and for the kind words from argentina. :)

take care and all the best,
m . . .

Noah Albrecht said...

Mike, I just picked up your Shazam #1, and I am sooooooooooo loving it! Can't wait for #2!!!

Cheers, Noah

mdtk said...

Hi Mike,

Here's another great review:

Entertainer13 said...

Hey! That's mine up there! (Magic is back, article).

Mike, I've been waiting for something like your series for quite some time. Considering I discovered it on my birthday, I should have had high hopes!