Wednesday, July 2, 2008

BBatMoS ISSUE #1 is out!

hey everyone!

well the day is here!
Issue #1 of Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam! is in stores today!
hope you all like it and enjoy the new adventures of Captain Marvel.
thank you so much for the great emails and notes i'm already getting.
you are all awesome fans.

here are some links to some fun reviews and comments . . .

i think one of my favorite comments is that people are getting the fun and the heart in the story. and that means a whole lot. thank you.
also, i love that people can hear patrick warburton's voice as they read it. i totally have always saw him as Captain Marvel.
very fun.
very fun, indeed.
take care and all the best,
mike . . .
p.s. thanks to walt grogan for the very cool retailer request card up above that he created on his fun Marvel Family site.


Walt Grogan said...

Hi Mike--

I already knew what the art was going to look like -- and it's really grown on me, I have to admit -- but I've got to tell you, I really enjoyed the first issue top to bottom. I read it on my train ride home today with a smile on my face the whole way and at a couple of points in the story, I had to cover my mouth to stop from laughing. Good show! Now the long four weeks till #2.


P.S. Sorry you couldn't make it to WizardWorld: Chicago -- it would have been nice to chat -- and I wanted to see one of those hand-crafted decoders up close.

And thanks for the shoutout!

Jonathan said...

Absolutely astounding.

Better than I expected, and that's saying a whole lot.

I was amazed at how dense the pages were - as opposed to Tiny Titans which is aimed at much younger readers - there is a lot going on on the page.

The book looks more like Sokmunster than Hero Bear, which was surprising - I guess you had a lot to do in the first issue. (And this isn't a complaint - my kids have read two copies of Sokmunster until the pages fell out.)

Aaron said...

Mike --

This is the first comic of yours that I've read, and I've gotta say it's awesome stuff. Though there's plenty of quality "adult" superhero material from the Big Two and elsewhere, it's refreshing to see a book so much about... FUN. Your art is utterly charming. And seconding jonathan above, the density of the pages is really unusual, and not even for an all-ages book -- there's more happening per page than almost any book out there. I look forward to many more issues like this -- keep up the great work.

John said...


I still don't have the words to express how much I enjoyed this book. I guess I can say it was superb!

Everything from the opening credit pages, the story, the art, the humor, and the "cameos" on the wall of the apartment. Everything fell together to make a great Captain Marvel comic book.

There's something about your work that reaches that 7 year old that still lives inside me and rekindles my sense of wonder and imagination. I've read the book twice now and it got better on the 2nd reading.

My wife also enjoyed the book and she is rather picky with the comics that she reads.

I'll be sitting down with the Decodifier (tm) this weekend to decipher the codes scattered throughout the book.

Thank you for producing this book. (And thanks DC for letting the book happen.)

Little John


checking in

looks good mike

hey, get dc to make some shazam toys

see ya in 20 days!

mdtk said...

Wonderful first issue Mike. Can't wait for the second.

Captain Zorikh said...

Hi Mike. The comic is a lot of fun. It also gives me opportunity to truly address issues of interpreting classics etc that I have covered in my review at

Here's a question, though: Was the yellow shirt on Theo Adam supposed to reference Kid Miracleman?