Tuesday, May 27, 2008

ISSUE #1 Variant!

hey everyone!

sorry, things have been really busy lately and i completely forgot to post the Variant cover for ISSUE #1! I realllllly hope you like it.
soooooooo, here ya go . . .

tell your friends and family and store owners( if they're not the same person ;) ) to check it out and enjoy!
issue #2 is this month's previews and we're cranking away on getting ready visiting San Diego Con in July.
thanks for coming by the lil' blog here and for all your support.

take care and all the very best,
m . . .



i reallllllllllly like it

but i like it even more that you'll be at SDCC

i'll be checking in


mdtk said...

I love it Mike; I have already orded it and I'm glad that I did.

John said...

I really like this cover. Ordered mine from my local shop already.

A little over a month to go...

/can't wait

Little John

oh my alikins said...

wow. it's cool! :)

Catherine Satrun said...

WOW! Great lines! We'll definitely be looking for you at the Con! ^.^


checked in :)

i'm here like every week


i'm back :)