Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Happy Shazam Year 2008 ! :)

hey everyone,

hope you alllllllllllll are having a great new year.
things are moving very nicely on the Magic of Shazam. verrrrrry nicely.
sorry it's been a little while since an update. things have been very, very busy over the last couple months.
"life tends to take over and the blog tends to wait" seems to be the way of things recently. but i'm hoping to update things more regularly now. sort of a New Year's thing. sorta. ;)
i wanted to first thank you all for the kind words great support i've been getting about Captain Marvel. wow! the response has been wonderful and tremendous. thank you, thank you. i can't wait to get the first issue out to you all to enjoy. speaking of that...we're planning for 2008 and beyond as we speak and its gonna be sooooo great! (and by "we", i mean DC and meeee, not "me, myself and I." I haven't gone crazy just yet.;) ) we're planning some fun stuff for this series. the release will be very soon, just can't quite say when at this time, though, if you knew my favorite number, then that might give a clue. ;) anyway, the nice thing of all this is that my plan has always been to build up a good lead time of issues before we go out. i really want to make sure that it comes out very regularly to be enjoyed. and that's working perfectly.
alsoooooo, i'm starting to plan my convention schedule and the first two conventions i'm going to are going to be the PHOENIX COMIC CON on January 25-27,2008 and also the ATLANTA COMIC EXPO on February 8-10,2008.
more will be announced soon.
i really look forward to meeting all of you at some of shows this year. i had a great time at my last one which was Chicago. in fact, i finally got some pics from it that i posted up here for fun. it was a great time and i look forward to more this year! :)
again, Happy New Year to you all. have a the very best year.
all the best,


John said...

My wife and I are looking forward to seeing you back in Atlanta.

I am so looking forward to this book coming out.

Alikins said...

i wish there was a con here :/
at least i get to see you in pictures :)

Catherine Satrun said...

It was so fun to meet you in Chicago! We really enjoy your drawings. They're very inspiring!! ^.^

Sarah Satrun said...

Thanks again for coming to Chicago! Our Herobear drawing is framed above our light desk. We really appreciate it! :)